Are Hybrid Clubs Right For You?

As the name implies, a hybrid golf club is a cross between a wood and an iron. It aims to combine the advantages both, while keeping the shared downsides to a minimum. The popularity of hybrid clubs will undoubtedly continue to increase, not just because a lot of PGA Tour players use them, but also because of their functionality.

Hybrid Woods

These are used to take the place of a wood with matching number. For example, the loft of a regular 5-wood would be the same as the loft of a hybrid 5-wood. Accessibility is the most important advantage of a hybrid wood. The depth of the face of a hybrid wood is bigger than an iron, but not really as deep as a regular wood, so a hybrid wood can get out from a more difficult terrain than a regular wood. Standard woods may have difficulty in getting to the ball in a thick patch of rough, but the shallower face of hybrid clubs is able to cut within and get to the ball. In exchange, the narrower face brings the sweet spot a little closer to the face, which makes slightly more difficult to hit perfectly.

Hybrid Irons

These are used to replace an iron with corresponding number, like hybrid woods do with regular woods. The advantages and disadvantages of a hybrid iron compared to a regular iron are opposite to the advantages and disadvantages of hybrid woods. While the extra thickness of the face of a hybrid iron makes it less suitable for a dense rough, the increased thickness makes it easier for the player to control the ball since the sweet spot of the clubface is farther back. This added control over the ball would lessen the occurrence of shots that are not hit clean and those that slice or hook out of control.

Reason for Using a Hybrid Golf Club

Compared to a long iron that has the same loft, hybrid clubs are easier to hit and the ball would also have a higher trajectory. To understand that better, you must know about two important things.

The 24/38 Rule

Golf equipment manufacturers know about this rule. Basically, this says that the most golfers are unable to consistently hit an iron with a loft of 24 degrees or less and a length of 38 inches or more. In today’s world, this means that the vast majority of golfers do not have the ability to consistently hit shots using an iron longer than 5-iron. The vanishing loft phenomenon explains why this is so.

The Vanishing Loft Phenomenon

Through the years, the lofts of irons have crept lower, and every golfer knows this. Golf equipment manufacturers will design new clubs and advertise how much farther the distance would be when you hit a 5-iron, for instance, using their new clubs compared to your old 5-iron. However, they do not tell people right away that the new club was actually like their old 4-iron and has less loft, but this eventually becomes obvious. In general, a 4-iron today has settled into loft of 23 to 24 degrees, compared to 28 degrees a few years ago.

Hybrid clubsWhen the 24/38 rule is applied, it means that today, only a few golfers could consistently hit shots using a 4-iron. But you may ask: why do lengths and lofts of clubs allowed to change? No official standards are set regarding these. In fact, most golf club design specifications are not set in stone. Therefore, golf equipment manufacturers can alter the lofts and lengths into anything they think is best for their customers – of course, they still refrain from doing anything that’s too absurd or extreme. Everything stays within reason.

Should You Play Using Hybrid Clubs?

A very skilled player does not need to hit using a hybrid club because the 24/38 rule may not apply to him. So, unless you are that skilled, you need to use a hybrid club. In fact, even some PGA Tour golfers use them because at times, they want their long iron shots to reach higher up in the air. 5-iron should be the longest iron in the bag of most players. 3 and 4 hybrids must take the place of 3 and 4-irons, which most players are not able to hit consistently.

Choosing a Hybrid Club

To find out which clubs are the most suitable for a player, it’s a must to test the various options available. The pros and cons of a particular club must be assessed according to the consistency with which it could be hit. If you can hit hybrid woods with the same consistency as regular woods, this means having hybrid clubs in your bag would be an advantage because you can hit from more areas without losing control of your golf club. Likewise, if you have no trouble hitting a 3-iron, you might be better suited to carry it in your bag. However, if you have difficulty with the 3-iron but get better results with a hybrid, you must carry the hybrid instead of the iron; after all, you’d want the one you’re comfortable with.

Testing Printed Circuit Boards

There are various testing methods that can be applied on printed circuit boards. Some of these methods require the application of power, while others are better conducted when power is switched off.

printedcircuitboardsIn order to ensure that your printed circuit boards are free of any misplaced or incorrectly placed and spaced components, thorough testing must be conducted on a finished PCB. These tests will also help you detect any component placement that could cause a short in your fully populated circuit board. Additionally, PCBs may be designed with supplementary pads isolated with resistors in order to facilitate the testing procedures.

When power is applied to the printed circuit board, a functional test can then be administered. This testing method is used to simply check if your PCB is capable of doing what it is designed to do. Another power-on test is the in-circuit test. The minor role of this test is to allow you to take physical measurements of voltage, etc. However, its main purpose is actually to enable you to program stable memory systems on your circuit board as well as put into effect the boundary scan test features of some of your PCBs components.

The goal of boundary scan testing is to ensure that the integrated circuits are all mounted correctly on the board. In order to accomplish this, boundary scan testing requires the use of a standard configuration under which all integrated circuits must be tested. The most commonly used standard is the one set by the Joint Test Action Group. The JTAG standard provides the option to troubleshoot interconnections between integrated circuits without using additional physical test probes on the circuit board. When printed circuit boards are unable to meet the JTAG standards, you must then desolder and replace the subpar components.

On the other hand, when the power is switched off, one such testing method that can be conducted for circuit boards is a simple visual inspection or automated optical inspection. Another is analog signature analysis power-off testing. Power-off testing methods are often used in cases where the PCB can only be further damaged when power is applied. This type of testing is also particularly useful during instances when there are no graphic representations available to aid in testing circuit boards.

A bare-board test can be applied on unpopulated printed circuit boards. The testing method involves the application of a small voltage to each circuit connection on the board. A computer is used to identify the exact location of each contact point and its attached electrical test unit will verify whether the required voltage appears at the designated contact points. A short circuit occurs when a connection appears on the board as against the appropriate contact points. In contrast, an open circuit is a missing connection between two points.

Another testing method for unpopulated PCBs is known as industrial CT scanning. Similar to the technology found in medical CT scanners, this technique allows you to see the details of soldered paths and connections on the board via 3D image generation.

Undergoing all these testing methods ensures that the printed circuit boards pass the quality control standards as set by the Joint Electron Device Engineering Council or JEDEC. Nevertheless, even when your circuit board passes all these tests, you should still be aware that many PCBs are static sensitive. Improper handling could damage or completely destroy your board’s various components. A single static charge is already capable of changing the characteristics of a PCB. Therefore after all of the procedures you have gone through to ensure that your board is of the best quality, remember to apply proper transport methods when shipping off your circuit board for either manufacturing or selling.

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How Misters Are Used in Industrial Settings

Most people are familiar with misters as some sort of apparatus used for cooling people off. They are an especially common sight in outdoor events that attract a lot of people. They are a sort of a modified and improved sort of electric fan.

misterMist fans are similar to electric fans in that they use the same methods for generating a gust of wind. Mist fans have an electric motor inside. This electric motor is connected to a rod which has several fan blades attached to it. The rod is spun by the electric motor. The fan blades are angles in such a way as to draw in air from the rear and push it forward, thus creating a gust of wind.

Misters are slowly getting popularity with the general population. A cheap price combined with low electricity consumptions makes a mist fan a lucrative cooling solution for most people looking to save up on money. However, mist fans are also seeing a lot of use in heavy industries.

Heavy industries have begun to use mist fans as a cheap solution to some of the biggest problems they deal with. Below are some of the few ways that heavy industries have begun to use mist fans.

Controlling foul odor using mist fans

nozelSmell is one of the most common byproducts in heavy industrial working environments. All the heavy machinery, chemicals, and so on all produce some sort of smell that is offensive to the senses. Some industries even deal with things like waste management an industry where a foul odor is an everyday issue.

Smell, basically speaking, is tiny little particles of whatever it is a person smells flying around their nose. Smell can be prevented by getting rid of the tiny particles that float freely through the air.

Mist fans are capable of neutralizing smell because of the tiny water droplets that they produce. The microscopic water particles mix with the odor causing particles and drag them to the ground. This prevents the odor from freely floating around the air and spreading.

Misters and dust management

dust-control-fogDust can be a hazard in some industrial settings. Miners for example have to deal with all the dust from all the earth and rock that they have to move. Cement factories have to deal with a lot of dust considering the things that they have to move. Lumber yards also produce dust from all the wood that they have to cut and process.

Again, the tiny water molecules that mist fans can produce helps in helping industries manage dust. Dust is basically small tiny solid particles floating around in the air. This can be dirt, dead skin cells, saw dust, and so much more. Mist fans can help manage dust.

The mist fan’s tiny water particles mix with the dust. Once it mixes with the water particles, the dust becomes too heavy and gets pinned to the ground. This prevents dust from spreading around through the air. The mist fan does not get rid of the dust so much as it just prevents it from floating around freely.

Cooling heavy machinery

Another common use of mist fans is in heavy industries. Heavy machines require a lot of power in order to move. As a consequence of all that power, heavy machines tend to produce a lot of heat. This heat can be problematic because it can ruin the machine if the machine does not cool down.

Mist fans are efficient and do not cost a lot of money to operate. They represent a cheap, but effective, means of cooling off heavy machinery. Misters can save companies a lot of money by avoiding any trouble caused by a broken machine.